Sigma Kappa



As an organization Sigma Kappa encourages our members to be involved in their campus and community. Because of this focus on involvement outside of Sigma Kappa, our sisters are able to engage with the campus and community in ways that are important to them by hosting and participating in a number of different events.

        April's Events!   

Events listed are open to members and new members who haven't been initiated. Informal Recruitment events are for women interested in Greek life!

Date  Event  Time
 1st-5th  I-Week*  all week
 6th  Initiation  8am chapter room
 6th  Formal Dance  7pm-10pm
 8th  Reading Day Celebration   12pm-4pm
 8th   Sisterhood*  8:30pm-9:30pm
 17th  Mixer with Delta Upsilon   7:30pm*8:30pm
 28th  Nursing Home for Gerontology   3pm-4pm
 28th  Informal Meeting*  Chapter Room at 7pm


* Key:

Informal Meetings: Mandatory meeting for members, discusses issues about the house and the sorority. 

Informal Recruitment: Events that any potential new member may go to and see how Sigma Kappa beta mu is.  

Sisterhood: Fun events for members and new members to bring us together. 

Mixers:  Events with the other Greek organizations on campus to show unity.

I-week: Week of events for new members leading up to initiation.