Sigma Kappa

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter


My name is Krista Barth, and I am the 2020 President of Sigma Kappa. Unfortunately, COVID-19 made it so we are not allowed to hold any in-person events for the rest of the semester. But, we have been using our time apart, with the help of Zoom, to host Sisterhood events, lunch dates, and even a few meetings. We are also using our time to plan a fantastic fall semester! We are very excited to be able to get back to campus, host Primary Recruitment, and hit the ground running with various Philanthropy Events. 

While we are not together, Beta Mu is still working hard to demonstrate the values of Sigma Kappa: friendship, loyalty, personal growth, and service in our communities. We look forward to future events to continue to share the goals, philanthropies, and values that brought all of us into the mystic bond. We are extremely proud to be members of this outstanding organization! We get to partake in something bigger than ourselves while becoming the best versions of ourselves. We are proud to wear our letters showing the joy we feel to be a part of a much larger organization. Sigma Kappa has brought the women of Beta Mu together, and for this we enjoy showing our appreciation and respect for this phenomenal organization!

Love in Sigma Kappa,

Krista Barth