Sigma Kappa

Parent FAQ

Parent FAQ

Here are a few questions that might be helpful for our new supporters:

How much does being in a sorority cost?

           There are dues with joining Sigma Kappa. Beta Mu’s monthly dues are $53.05, this is the base amount. Some months are higher due to events we host or t-shirts that are optional to purchase. With these dues there are options on being on a payment plan, our Vice President of Finance will work with the new members to figure out the best option for them! Please visit to contact our Vice President of Finance, Sam Scott if there are any questions.

How much of my daughters time will be spent in this sorority?

         Being a member of a sorority does come with a time commitment, but it also brings guidance, friendships, and much more!  Each member will finds the right way to balance school, sorority events, and other extracurricular events on campus. Our chapter meetings are held on Sunday evenings and alternate each week between informal and formal. We take pride in making sure the members succeed in their academics, so there is always a chance for study groups.

Are there any events that we, as a family, can attend for this sorority?

          Yes! The Beta Mu chapter of Sigma Kappa encourages all of our families to come together during homecoming, family weekend, and other upcoming events. Being away from home is hard, but Sigma Kappa tries to make it easier by bringing the new member a second home and by welcoming their family there as well.

What will my daughter get out of joining a sorority?

            Anybody who is interested in joining a sorority is already showing that they want to try to better themselves and get a rounded college experience. A sorority gives you the opportunity to try new things, meet new people, and experience personal growth. Sigma Kappa stands by four values, which include: service, loyalty, personal growth, and friendship. Each member has an opportunity to achieve these values by being a member.  Sigma Kappa encourages our women to grow so they can be the best they can be. A sorority gives you countless memories, future bridesmaids, and most importantly, a place where you can always come back to. 

Will my daughter be required to move into the Sigma Kappa house?

    Yes, all of our members are required to live in the house at least one semester of their time as a member of Sigma Kappa. The house is a wonderful place for the ladies to be together and grow as sisters. In the “house” or Cough Hall, there is a fully furnished kitchen that was renovated in the summer of 2017, a new bun room that was redone in the summer of 2018; there is also a nice laundry facility in the house! Living in the house is an amazing experience. There is usually always someone that is hanging out in the parlor (living room). The members make great memories living in the house! The house offers a great way to get to know your sisters and even have a study partner right down the hall!