If you would like to complete a recommendation for a potential new member please complete the online recruitment introduction form.

Formal Recruitment this Fall will be held from September 6th - 9th! Beta Mu chapter looks forward to meeting each and every Potential New Member. Beta Mu gathers before school starts to prepare for recruitment and grow as sisters before welcoming new ones!  

There will be an information table outside the cafeteria before recruitment put together by the National Panhellenic Conference at Culver-Stockton. Here is the link to sign up for formal recruitment ____.

For more information about formal recruitment please contact Christian Thompson Culver-Stockton’s Coordinator of Sorority and Fraternity life at


Schedule of Events Fall 2018

August 17th- Sorority Member Move-In

    As a chapter we move in a few days early to prepare for recruitment. We grow in our sisterhood to welcome the new members that we will be welcoming in just a few short weeks!

August 17th and 19th- Potential New Member Move-In

    This is a preset date with the college. The freshman students move in to campus on the 17th and returning students on the 19th.

August 19th- Welcome Back BBQ

    This is a time to get to know the different student organizations and greek life opportunities on Culver’s campus!

August 29th- Meet the Greeks

    At this event Potential New Members or PNMs will get to know each of the three sororities on campus. This is a great time for the ladies to ask questions about sorority life.

September 6th- Sisterhood Night

    This is the first night of formal recruitment. This is usually a fun and laid back night for the ladies to really get to know the members of the sorority and us to get to know them.

September 7th- Philanthropy Night

    This night is where each sorority talks about the different philanthropies each one supports. Sigma Kappa has 5 that spell out SIGMA. If you would like to know more visit  

September 8th- Preference Night

    This is the last night of formal recruitment and it is where the PNM’s have really gotten to know the houses on campus and the members. Each house has their own ceremony that they hold that night.

September 9th- BID DAY!!

    It is finally time for the new members to come home!! There are usually games and fun activities for the new members! It is a day that is fun for all.


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